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Broadband Voice Solution
With a traditional telephone system, businesses often can’t leverage features they are paying for because of inconsistent codes and complex functionality. Simple tasks, like setting up a multi-party conference call, can be a total chaos, wasting valuable time and resources. With TeleVantage, setting up the same call is as easy as the click of a mouse – literally.

Point, Click, Drag… Voilá!
TeleVantage makes managing your voice services as easy as managing your emails. From your own computer, you can easily handle phone calls the same way you do data files, clicking and dragging them to perform desired tasks. TeleVantage’s intuitive interface lets you decide how calls are answered, transferred and managed, and gives you a wide range of features not available through traditional phone systems. Plus, TeleVantage lets you stay in the loop even when you’re out of the office with remote access capabilities.

Functional & Dependable.
Its open architecture lets you extend functionality by integrating your business’ existing applications, like CRM and more. Best of all, TeleVantage has been rigorously designed and tested to ensure rock-solid stability so your important connections stay up and running even under adverse conditions like power outages or server failures.

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