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Market demands have evolved, and so have the possibilities. Make your branch offices and headquarters function as one seamlessly integrated unit with the right business application. Better yet, count on a solution that maximizes your return on investment and your resources.

Inteligy unites employees across an entire organization seamlessly, so they can communicate as if they were located in the same building. Businesses with multiple locations can improve employee productivity and office efficiency by:

  • Knowing if any fellow employee is on the phone, on vacation or in a meeting, no matter where they are located. With a single view of the entire organization’s availability, employees can also point and click to camp-on any busy remote extension so they are automatically called back and connected when the extension becomes free.
  • Forwarding or sending voice messages to anyone in the enterprise using the phone or TeleVantage ViewPoint. Distributes voice messages among TeleVantage Servers as needed, and users have access to multi-site distribution lists.
  • Identifying and handling VIP calls appropriately, no matter which office location is called. Configures inter-office call routing over VoIP to eliminate long-distance toll charges between distributed locations.
  • Providing centralized IVR applications that can be accessed by any office.

Broadband Voice Solution: (up to 20 users)
TeleVantage is an innovative business application that utilizes the advantages of Voice over IP (VoIP) to give you full control over your voice services and enhance customer experience, productivity and results. > Learn More

Premise Based Voice Solution: (Multiple Offices)
Growing businesses with multiple offices can opt to leverage TeleVantage as a broadband or premise-based solution. Upon a thorough assessment of your specific requirements, our experts can recommend and quickly deploy a solution that fits your needs. We also provide ongoing support to ensure your business makes the most of TeleVantage. > Learn More

Voice Resilience™ Solution:
With Inteligy’s Voice Resilience™ Solution, your phone system is backed by an industrial-strength, full-featured business phone system in a redundant data center environment. In the event of a failure of your main phone system, your calls can be automatically routed to backup telephones within seconds, requiring no user intervention. > Learn More

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